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Welcome to a new Reformational Blog Site for the UK
Written by Rudi Hayward
Tuesday, 12 June 2007

A reformational approach to Christianity emphasises the transformative and restorative implications of the Lordship of Christ. Christianity has a certain dynamism as in Christ we find the root of a new life, a fullness to life, that brings restoration and renewal to the brokenness of the world in which we live. This emphasis leads reformational Christians to seek new directions in all spheres of life, going to the root of things in order to challenge what does not bring glory to God and blessing to neighbours.

The purpose of this blog is to take the first steps in bringing this reformational perspective to bear on Christian action in the context of the UK. We hope to provide a (virtual) focal point for reformationals in the UK which is open to dialogue with other Christians, and sympathetic or interested non-Christians, in the UK.

As part of the joint commitment to share and promote reformational thought and action in the UK made at the UK Reformationals' colloquium (October 06) held in Leeds, we are pleased to be associated with the work of the West Yorkshire School of Christian Studies (WYSOCS) which hosted the colloquium and provides the organisational focal point for reformationals in the UK.