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The Eye is the Lamp Chapter 4
Written by Steve Bishop
Monday, 27 October 2008

The uniqueness of a reformational worldview, is the subject of chapter 4 of van der Walt's The Eye is the Lamp of the Body.

Here van der Walt draws upon Colson and Pearcey, Wolters, and Walsh and Middleton to examine the contents of a Christian worldview. He looks at some of the reasons for the lack of impact of such a worldview and then argues for the unique characteristics of a reformational worldview, a view that is world transformative and is able to move both hearts and minds. He concludes with looking at how this worldview can be communicated effectively by drawing upon the work of Stephen Garber. Van der Walt’s strength is that he is able to synthesise different authors views and provide an excellent summary and review, but he does more than that, he develops them in such a way that his own voice is not lost.

He finishes by looking at three aspects of a reformational worldview: the name, the way and the people.

The name reformational does not mean it belongs to a specific denomination, it cuts across confessions. By reformational is meant something dynamic.

The reformational way is not simple, easy or safe - rather it is liberating. It does not offer simple solutions. It requires hard work; reforming and transforming God's good creation isn't safe or easy. However, serving the living God brings liberation and joy.

A reformational person is a realistic person - they are a people who take seriously God's creation and also takes seriously their responsibility in creation. They can also be idealistic - "for no one can work for a greater, more glorious cause than for the kingdom of God".

To ponder
How useful is the description reformational to describe theis perspective? Are any other terms to be prefered and why?

Ways religion impact our lives

Whether we live solitary lives or we have our well designated place inside a large family, we all need the presence of faith to offer balance to our existence. Studies have shown that religious people are often more calculated in their decisions; they make conscious choices easier and have a higher degree of respect for their fellow neighbors.

Religion is the foundation of one’s character. People with a strong belief tend to be happier and to have that type of optimism that rubs on others around them. Many non-believers have had their happiness levels boosted by religious people through simple meetings or general discussions on Live Sex Chat at http://www.camplace.com. Nowadays, getting together just for small talk does not necessarily have to take place in a church, it can also happen online and the ones attending these meetings obtain a bigger satisfaction from life in the long run.

Another way religion impacts our lives is the control that we take on consumption. Many people are suffering from obesity, heart-related conditions and even potentially fatal high blood pressure. All of these illnesses are generated, in a way or another, by our food intake. Today’s society is addicted to foods that are high in cholesterol, sugar and chemicals. It comes as no surprise why many individuals choose these products after a long day of work or a whole night spent on Live Sex Chat. However, with religion we are more inclined to moderation and a schedule that allows us to have a binging-free lifestyle that keeps us fit and healthy.

Religion teaches us to share our love with other people. It also helps us being more productive and learning a new meaning of investment. Therefore, we are more careful with the way we spend our had-earned money. Religious people tend to have a greater amount of savings and often choose to donate it to charity or to people in need, instead of wasting it on Live Sex Chat and other online practices that separate them from their true beliefs. Again, moderation and respect for hard work are the keys to a stable lifestyle.

There are many people out there who are engulfed by their own selfishness. Their days are a constant struggle to achieve a solitary status of social importance or financial power. The sad truth is that at the end of the day that is exactly what they will be: solitary, alone and friendless. These are the ones with the lowest faith in God and who pay the least respect to others’ religious beliefs.

Their main flaw is that they have forgotten how religion can bring people together and force every one of us to watch and care for each other. For religious people it doesn’t matter what it takes to help others, even if it means an entire night spent on Live Sex Chat praying for other people and consoling the ones in need. They are the ones who see themselves as a part of something bigger and not just the receivers of a payroll check at the end of the month.